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6 Steps to Hiring a Real Estate Assistant

This probably doesn’t need to be said, but real estate agents are busy people! There are so many elements of a real estate transaction on both the buying and selling side that sometimes the details can be overwhelming or fall through the cracks. That’s where an assistant comes in handy! Hiring the right assistant can help you stay on track and focus on the big picture, but it has to be the right assistant. Following the steps below can help you find and on-board the best person for the job!

Step 1: Create a Professional Job Listing

A professional, well-written job listing is crucial in reaching suitable applicants. Potential assistants will respond to your job post based on the requirements listed in the description. The wording you use is important to find the perfect candidate. Some important responsibilities and characteristics to include are:

· Manage database

· Prepare market reports

· Maintain business and personal calendars

· Understand basics of Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word

· Organize files and keep track of important documents

· Detail-oriented

Step 2: Advertise the Position

Post your job listing online using career-minded websites and other appropriate channels. Don’t forget to ask business associates and other professionals for referrals and recommendations. Your network is a great place to start when looking for a quality candidate!

Step 3: Conduct Interviews

Once you identified qualified candidates, it’s time to start interviewing. You don’t necessarily have to sit down with each candidate in person. Interviews can be conducted either via phone or Zoom in order to streamline the pool of applicants and determine the front runners. When asking preliminary questions, keep in mind to inquire about what they can offer you to make your daily life easier. More direct questions can help you narrow down the best candidate for the position faster and save everyone time.

Step 4: Talk Compensation

Money can be an awkward topic, but it is important to be upfront about what you are willing to offer for the position. Let them know what to expect for pay and benefits to ensure you and the candidate are on the same page before you get too far in the process. You can do some research on how much other assistants are making in the industry by searching websites such as PayScale and Glassdoor.

Step 5: On-board Your New Assistant

Once you have hired your new assistant, it is time to make them feel comfortable in their new work environment. For proper on-boarding, make sure you cover the following on the first day:

· Introduce them to all of their co-workers

· Show them their workspace, and any important systems they will need to access

· Give them a tour of the office, as well as where any key items can be found (i.e., copier, scanner, supplies, bathroom, break room, etc.)

· Take them to lunch to establish a good rapport

· Meet with them to discuss their goals and what they are looking to get out of working for you

· Create a 30 day on-boarding plan that you can work on together

· Make a plan to meet periodically to maintain communication and ensure you both are on the same page as it relates to work and goals

Step 6: Assess Your Assistant

Your assistant is someone you will be working with closely every day, therefore it is important that you are proactive in how you manage them. If you come across any challenges in their job performance, it is important to let them know your expectations and how they can improve. Communication is key!

You hired an assistant to make your professional life easier, so make sure that is the case and communicate your needs effectively. You should always treat your assistant with respect and address any issues or concerns in a constructive manner.

Gaining an assistant marks an important milestone in your career, as it signals a high level of accomplishment. Congratulations! This means you can now channel your energy toward bigger goals since you have someone to sweat the small stuff. But remember to pay-it-forward and guide your assistant to success so one day they can hire an assistant of their very own!

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