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Realtor Spotlight | Jessica Gagnon

Welcome back to our Realtor Spotlight! In this series of blog posts, we highlight some of our incredible realtor partners, both personally and professionally, to discover a little bit more about them and showcase their agencies!

In this spotlight, we meet Jessica Gagnon from Live Florida Realty!

Jessica Gagnon

Live Florida Realty

1. Tell us about yourself (background/education/experience).

I'm a natural-born Floridian and a high school graduate. I have a background in administrative duties for various construction companies from surveyors to engineers. This led me to my career in real estate.

2. How long have you been a realtor?

1.5 years!

3. What do you like most about living and selling real estate in Florida?

I love love the Florida weather. In real estate, I get the opportunity to travel all over the state to help clients buy or sell.

4. What advice do you have for anyone looking to buy or sell right now?

A buyer's first stop should be to speak with a local lender who understands the local market, and who will have a variety of loan options to assist you. They will be able to get you on the right path to homeownership.

Sellers - Make sure to research your agent and the brokerage, and collect a copy of their fee schedule (you'll want to review the listing agreement). Real estate brokerages are not one in the same, so find the one that will work for you and who will appreciate your business!

5. What three traits define you?


Common Sense


6. What would you be doing if you weren’t in real estate?

I would be in Right-of-Way as an acquisition agent working for local electrical companies to help facilitate the under-grounding of power lines.

7. What is the most challenging and/or gratifying aspect of what you do?

Work-life balance and learning to say no to keep from going crazy is most challenging for me.

8. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Play the drums

Fly an airplane

Make blown glass art

9. What are your favorite indoor or outdoor activities?

My favorite indoor activity would be relaxing and watching movies with my family. My favorite outdoor activity is being in the middle of the woods hunting where there is no cell reception.

10. If you wrote an autobiography about your life, what would you title it?

Sit Back and Watch This

11. In your opinion, what is the coolest design trend you are seeing in homes today?

White shaker cabinets with pull out draws for pots/pans

12. Where is your favorite place in the world to be?

Sitting on the Peace River looking for sharks teeth

13. If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?

Nikola Tesla - electrical/mechanical engineer and futurist.

His story has always been fascinating to me ever since I was a little girl and took a trip to the Ford/Edison Estates. The guide at the time mentioned Nikola having contributed to the electrical AC current (alternating current) and radio communication. I’d love to sit and thank him for his contributions to the world I live in today.

14. What are your top 5 favorite bands/artists or podcasts in no particular order?

Lynyrd Skynyrd

White Snake

Johnny Cash

Def Leppard

The Judds

15. Where is your favorite place to eat?

Scarpa's Italian Restaurant

16. What is the most unique property you’ve ever listed or sold?

The most unique property I’ve sold was a two-story home made out of pecky cypress wood inside and out.

17. Anything else you would like our readers to know about you and your company?

We're all straight shooters at Live Florida Realty. I pride myself on being honest and dedicated to helping my clients achieve their real estate goals.

Thank you so much Jessica for giving us a peek into your life and career! All of our real estate partners bring different perspectives and it allows each and every transaction to be unique.

Interested in being highlighted in an upcoming Realtor Spotlight? Reach out to our team for more information!

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